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Eco Camachigama

Eco Camachigama. Live the experience of a Quebec outfitter on a deserted island, but with all the services.

Our Motto
“Where the sidewalk ends, the adventure begins” Couldn’t be more true as we now offer 3 fantastic locations in Eastern Canada to satisfy any hunting or fishing adventure!

Managing over 260 km2 or 65,000 acres between 2 provinces,Eco Camachigama’s network, offers high quality hunting, fishing and family vacations to our guests.

We lease over 2,000 acres of private property as part of our ECO Ontario operation, offering excellent wild turkey hunting opportunities in the spring and white-tailed deer in the fall.

At ECO Mer Bleue, our exclusive 27 km2 (7,000 acre) territory is easily accessible by the smallest or fanciest of vehicles and offers 4-star waterfront accommodations. The diversity of this area offering deer, bear, moose and small game hunting as well as walleye, pike, bass and lake trout fishing make it a family favorite located an easy hour and a half north of Ottawa or 3 hours north of the US/Canadian border.

Our most recent acquisition of ECO Camachigama in 2019 now allows us to offer world class walleye and northern pike fishing in an incredible 220 sq km wilderness setting in Northern Quebec. Fish at one of our 12 island camps or hunt bear or moose at one of our remote mainland outpost camps to enjoy this truly Canadian wilderness experience!

If you have any questions, or would like to make a reservation with us, fill out the information form on this page, and we will get back to you shortly.


Je Pêche le Doré à la Jig! (Pourvoirie Eco Camachigama)
Je Retourne Pêcher le Doré en Forêt! (Pourvoirie Eco Camachigama)
Pourvoirie Eco Camachigama, Chasse à l'orignal
ECO - Lac Camachigama - Walleye Fishing
ECO - Lac Camachigama - Moose Hunting
ECO Ontario Whitetail and Turkey Hunting


Bear Moose Small game Pike Walleye

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Eco Camachigama
Outfitter in Abitibi-Témiscamingue
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