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Pourvoirie la Réserve Boismenu

In Quebec, only 30% of the outfitters are exclusive rights, of which the Boismenu Reserve Outfitter is a part.

The only place south of the 50th parallel where you can fish native Arctic char.

We apply the QDMA when it comes to deer hunting management. Indeed, only deer with more than 4 points are allowed to be harvested which offers `nos customers, an excellent quality of hunting.

The Quebec outfitters network includes two types of businesses: first, those that have the exclusive right to exploit wildlife on a given territory, under a lease of exclusive hunting and/or fishing and/or trapping rights signed with the minister; they are called outfitters with exclusive rights. The territories granted are subject to a specific wildlife allocation, in the same way as wildlife reserves and controlled harvesting zones (ZECs).

Conversely, there are companies that do not have this type of exclusivity. Their clients hunt and fish on government land (free public) or on private land. These are outfitters without exclusive rights.

Source: Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks

The advantages
Peace of mind and tranquility
La Réserve Boismenu Outfitter is a 36 km2 exclusive rights outfitter located in Lac-du-Cerf in the Upper Laurentians. Its provincial location as a fishing and hunting territory under the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, is in zone 10 East.

At the outfitter, you can indulge in several types of activities such as hunting, fishing, canoeing or kayaking excursions, hiking, wildlife observation and stay in this resort on a paradise territory that will fill you.

Signage sign – Outfitter with exclusive rights.

All-inclusive packages

Best all-inclusive rates from Boismenu Reserve Outfitter.

At Boismenu Reserve Outfitter, we offer all-inclusive family plan fishing and vacation packages in European plan. This formula is very appreciated by our clientele since it includes everything you need for your activity, except for some accessory equipment that you can rent at our store.


Chasse à l'ours noir et pêche à la Pourvoirie la Réserve Boismenu (P1)
Quebec Outfitter's Camp - Boismenu Outfitters
Video promotionnelle de la Pourvoirie la Réserve Boismenu 2020
Vidéo de présentation au Salon virtuel de la pourvoirie chasse et pêche.


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Réserve Boismenu Outfitter
1, chemin du Lac Perras
Lac-du-Cerf, Québec J0W 1S1
819 326-4444[email protected]

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