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maple leaf lodge

Maple Leaf Lodge

maple leaf lodge

Maple Leaf Lodge is located on Lake Kipawa. One of the best known lakes in Canada for its walleye and pike dreams. Our outfitter has access to Lake Kipawa through the small village of Laniel, Quebec which is located upstream on the Kipawa River. The Kipawa River is known for its white water and impressive waterfalls which make it one of the most appreciated rivers in Canada. Lake Kipawa has over 2000 km of shoreline, with thousands of islands and bays. The lake is fed by hundreds of small streams and an underground spring which makes it a fantastic breeding ground for many species of fish such as walleye, pike, trout and bass, which are caught in large numbers each year.

Located only 5 hours from Gatineau/Ottawa, Maple Leaf Lodge is a hassle-free adventure. Only 5 km of gravel road to drive. Bring YOUR Boat.

vu de levée de soleil

The quality of the fishing is absolutely dreamlike. And on top of that, you can catch 4 species of fish. Bass are huge, walleye are plentiful, big pike are everywhere and lake trout just want to see the end of your line

maple leaf lodge

pêche sur le lac kipawa


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Maple Leaf Lodge

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